The Human Resources Student Association (HRSA) is a student-run organization that is continually striving to promote personal and professional development among all Human Resources Management and business students of York University. Its strategy is to develop, promote and help students to excel in the professional realm.

As a student organization we strive to facilitate the knowledge of HR among students, faculty, and industry leaders. It is a pedestal for leadership development. Our goal is to develop an innovative and open culture within an organic organizational structure that is distinctive and that re-emphasizes the fundamental principles that constitute Human Resources Management.

Our aim is to initiate a strong academic & social network amongst students and faculty which will result in an environment that is receptive to sharing ideas and providing support for one another. The HRSA facilitates close interaction among its members of students, industry professionals, faculty, and alumni through a variety of career and social events.

The association was rebranded in June 2009.